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Big Country – Big Trophies!

Manuka Point Lodge is unique. A New Zealand hunting property consisting of some 25,000+ acres of trophy hunting paradise. A big game bastion where you may seek world class trophies, in a spectacular authentic hunting environment marinated with New Zealand hunting history.


Kimberlin’s  Ponil Ranch is 19,600 acres located in Colfax County New Mexico, Unit #55, north of the Village of Cimarron. It is bound on the Southeast by Chase Ranch, East & Northeast by Vermejo Park Ranch, Northwest and West by the Valle Vidal Unit of South by the Philmont Scout Ranch.

Here you’ll find some of the largest herds of these fantastic animals in the lower 48 states and certainly the largest within the state of New Mexico. We feel our private land and draw hunts enable us to assure our hunters one of the best all-around hunts anywhere, at any price!

Rocky Top Outfitters

Colorado’s Dusty Rose Ranch located in Old Glory, Texas

Colorado has the Dream Catcher Bloodline Of Trophy Whitetail Deer, Bred From Genetics That Are Expected To Reach Over 300”

TDK Safaris boasts a team who is passionate about South Africa who will show you a side of Africa not many get to see. To them, it is more than the experience; it is the love of the land, the animals, the people, and the glorious African sky. In fact, TDK fully believes that South Africa will deliver an experience like none other.

Quagga Safaris offer most hunting from the main lodge in the Limpopo Valley. This area is known for abundance of trophy quality animals and great hunting. The terrain is thick brush and some open savannah areas. Nothing beats the sunsets and sound of a roaring lion in the bushveld after a good days hunting.

For over 25 years, The Safaris of Graham Jones has  taken a methodical and thorough approach to planning all components essential to an ethical and well- designed safari; ensuring all elements work flawlessly together and allow you to live a safari the way it once was offered.

SYC Sporting

Over the last 10 years, the province of Cordoba has become the most popular destination in the world for dove hunting. More than 50 million doves reside in this beautiful land and government studies show that the population is continuing to grow.

Don’t be surprised to see 3 to 4 million doves a day!

Feeding 50 million doves is no small feat and, as a result, they consume up to 30% of the crops each year. For this reason, the locals consider them pests and dove hunting season is open all year to control the doves population.

Like any prime real estate opportunity, the best dove hunting has much to do with location. Not only should hunting fields be close to dove roosts, feed and water, but also for the comfort and enjoyment of the hunter, they need to be close to the dove hunting lodge.

Why bounce along rutted roads in a cramped van for an hour (each way) to hunt doves in Argentina? Our dove hunting fields are just minutes from our hunting lodge in Cordoba and they’re bursting with millions of doves! Dove shooting in Argentina is one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences available for the wingshooter. This is where hunters forge life-long memories over the barrel-burning action of the world’s best high volume dove shooting adventures.

Scandinavian Pro Hunters

The company focuses on:

  • Eventful and enjoyable hunting experiences
  • Impeccable service, and precision in working with clients
  • Providing valuable advice prior to the hunt in order to ensure that clients get the most out of their hunting experience
  • The BEST areas

Kamchatka Trophy Hunts

THE KAMCHATKA PENINSULA has long been a place shrouded in mystery. Only since the disintegration of the Soviet Union in 1991 have we begun to understand what lies behind its jagged North Pacific coastline – the most pristine wilderness left on Earth, chock full of fish and game.

IT IS ONE OF THE FEW PLACES ON EARTH where the environment has indeed been kept pristine. The Kamchatka countryside is not unlike Alaska, dotted with volcanoes and tundra meadows separated by evergreen and birch forest that stretch to the horizon. Our part of the world is almost uninhabited except for the reindeer, moose, sheep, and the largest concentration of brown bears in the world!

KAMCHATKA TROPHY HUNTS® offers hunting and fishing trips in the central, northern and north-western part of the peninsula. These trips will set your heart pounding, open your eyes, and force you to look again at what surrounds you. Our success is second to none but the hunting experience is about much more than that. It’s about taking a step into the past. It’s about hunting in a place that’s like Alaska was 100 years ago. And it’s more about yourself than you might know.

KAMCHATKA TROPHY HUNTS has hunting packages for Eastern Siberian Moose, Kamchatka Brown Bear and two different species of wild sheep on the Kamchatka Peninsula – Kamchatka Bighorn Sheep and Koryak Snow Sheep.

FROM THE TIME YOU ARRIVE IN RUSSIA until you depart you will be in good hands. They have been in the business of outfitting and conducting outstanding hunting and fishing trips in Kamchatka for better than a decade, and their reputation speaks for itself. 

Alaska Wilderness Enterprises was founded in 1982 by Alaska Master Guide, Joe Letarte, and his wife  Victoria Letarte. Through their extensive experience over 35 years in the Brooks Range, the Alaska Range, the jungles of South East Alaska and the Aleutian Islands, they have obtained highly viable hunting concessions in the Alaska Range, Yakutat and the Yukon River Valley where they operate their big game hunting and sports fishing business.The Yukon River Valley is host to the largest Black and Grizzly Bear concessions in the world. With 4.3 million acres of vast wilderness as their exclusive guiding concession, Joe’s vast professional hunting experience and his Wilderness EMT training qualify him as outdoor survival expert and make him one of the most highly sought after guides in North America. 

Italian Safaris

Every Italian Safari hunt is a tailored program, specifically designed to address your personal wishes and desires. The choice of the hunting area, accommodation and guide, the chance to obtain record trophies, to combine various animals or to discover different regions are all aspects that Italian Safaris have carefully studied in order to create “the experience” that guests are looking for. They put the same effort in taking care of non hunters organizing for them cooking classes, wine tastings, history and art visits, shopping and every other interest they will have while you are enjoying your passion.
While hunting in Italy, you will access some of the most exclusive privately owned hunting areas, taking advantage of the combination of centuries old game management, low hunting pressure and fully dedicated services. They hunt in Italy 14 different areas in six different regions, offering quality trophies on 7 of the main European big game animals.
If a record size chamois, a roe deer in Tuscany or Italy itself are high on your list then Italian Safaris is your Outfitter!