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Alaska offers many hunting opportunities and host a great many outfitters. The difference is EVERYTHING when it comes to picking the right outfitters. I have been on some of the best hunts in Alaska and unfortunately some of the worst. Alaska has some of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. There are several different species that you can hunt in Alaska, from the black, brown & grizzly bears to moose and caribou. If you have never experienced Alaska it’s definitely something you need to consider.

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Greenland ABSOLUTELY amazed me! The beauty of the icebergs are mesmerizing. The opportunity to see a polar bear in its native environment is unforgettable. I’ve had the opportunity to successfully hunt reindeer and muskox in Greenland. 

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Pristine mountain meadows, abundant trophy species, luxurious lodge accommodation, skilled professional hunting guides, and warm hospitality all combine to create classic stalking experiences unsurpassed in New Zealand deer hunting and New Zealand alpine hunting circles.

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Colorado has hunted Russian Brown Bear and Snow Sheep with Kamchatka Trophy Hunts. 

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