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"The best Things in Life are Free!"

Colorad Buck was born into a renowned hunting and outfitting family. He honed his skills from years of hunting with his uncles C.A. and Teed Goforth as well as other family members. As a young man, he became known as one of the best bear and mountain lion hunters in Colorado. Buck’s other passions include working with hounds to help develop their skills as hunting companions. In 1986, Colorado Buck founded Rocky Top Outfitters and quickly became one of the most sought after big game hunters and mountain guides. He solidified his reputation in the industry by serving as the trusted guide of leading corporate executives, celebrities, heads-of-state and big game hunters from all walks of life. Through Rocky Top Outfitters, Colorado Buck continues to travel the world with clients in search of the most revered trophies. In 2003, Colorado Buck added the television show “The Outfitter” to his résumé, allowing viewers to follow him on elite hunts across the globe. Over 30 million viewers strong, “The Outfitter” can be seen on the Sportsman Channel where the show has received the prestigious “Viewer’s Favorite Hunting Show” award and is the only program selected by viewers three years running as a top favorite show. "The Outfitter" can also be seen on the Pursuit Channel.  In 2004, Colorado Buck expanded his reach by adding the television show “Across America’s The Outfitter,” which aired on the Men’s Outdoor Recreation Network. You can hear Colorado Buck as a regular guest on Jim Fergusons radio show, “Great American Outdoor Trails Radio Magazine,” carried on more than 60 radio stations throughout Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska and Texas. This radio program also is a Podcast on several IPTV networks. In 2006, Colorado Buck was voted “Viewer’s Favorite Hunting Personality” by the Sportsman Channel. Colorado Buck now has a new, self-developed television show, “Where in the World is Colorado Buck?” which can be seen on Wild TV and Pursuit Channel, which has more than 16.5 million viewers. Colorado films his elite hunts around the world for syndication. He opens these hunts to a few skilled hunters willing to pay for the privilege of such an international sport. This is Colorado Buck. The Legend.

What do hunting and fishing mean to me?


They are a symbol of freedom and what this country is all about. It embodies what our forefathers fought and died for, that all of us may choose, learn and have the opportunity to teach and pass on a legacy to our children - a way of life that we and those before us were able to partake in and enjoy. They give us an opportunity to share ourselves with our family and friends in a unique manner and, in my opinion, in a special proximity to God and His creation. It lets everyone know that there are choices available to all of us because of the efforts of many, both now and before us. You do not HAVE to be bound to computers, TV’s, high rises, concrete and traffic jams all of the time. These are great privileges that have been preserved for us, I can not encourage anyone enough to take children, yours or others, and other young people that have not had the opportunity and share these great gifts with them. It is magical to watch a new hunter or fisher’s eyes light up, their imagination come to life and the anticipation unfold as they begin to experience, learn and enjoy these gifts - with me being able to introduce them to this gift, as it was introduced to me. I am forever thankful to my uncles C.A. and Teed Goforth, my wonderful mother Dovie Goforth, and my dad Max Ladd, and all of those of whom I have had the privilege to cross paths with and my most trusted friend - GOD.

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